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Letters Decrying the Proposed Life Sentence

The prosecutors’ declared intention to recommend a life sentence drew loud and harsh criticism from many quarters. Many prestigious and respected people signed letters to the judge criticizing the proposed sentence and urging her to reject it. A list of these letters and their signatories follows

Former Justice Department Officials, Dated 04/16/2010

In an unprecedented letter, a bi-partisan group of former officials from the very top of the Department of Justice, men and women who were highly esteemed in the field of law, wrote a letter to the judge urging her to note the potentially severe injustice of the guideline sentence and the extreme position of the prosecutors

Attorneys General of the United States of America

Nicholas Katzenbach
Attorney General of the United States (1965-66)

Ramsey Clark
Attorney General of the United States (1967-69)

Edwin Meese III
Attorney General of the United States (1985-88)

Richard Thornburgh
Attorney General of the United States (1988-91)

William Barr
Attorney General of the United States (1991-93)

Janet Reno
Attorney General of the United States (1993-2001)

Deputy Attorneys General of the USA

Jamie Gorelick
Deputy Attorney General of the United States (1994-97)

Larry D. Thompson
Deputy Attorney General of the United States (2001-03)

United States Attorney, Northern District of Georgia (1982-86)

Solicitor General of the United States of America

Seth Waxman
Solicitor General of the United States (1997-2001)

United States Attorneys

A. Bates Butler III
United States Attorney
District of Arizona (1980-81)

Robert Cleary
District of New Jersey (1999-2002)
Southern District of Illinois (2002)

Kendall Coffey
United States Attorney
Southern District of Florida ( 1993-96)

Robert DelTufo
United States Attorney
District of New Jersey (1976-80)

W. Thomas Dillard
United States Attorney
Eastern District of Tennessee (1981)
Northern District of Florida (1983-87)

Leon Kellner
United States Attorney
Southern District of Florida (1985-88)

James Martin
United States Attorney
Eastern District of Missouri (2004-05)

Charles Redding Pitt
United States Attorney
Middle District of Alabama (1994-1998)

James H. Reynolds
United States Attorney
Northern District of Iowa (1977-82)

Benito Romano
United States Attorney
Southern District of New York (1989)

John W. Stokes Jr.
United States Attorney
Northern District of Georgia (1969-77)

Brett Tolman
United States Attorney
District of Utah (2006-09)

Stanley A. Twardy, Jr.
United States Attorney
District of Connecticut (1985-91)

Alan Vinegrad
United States Attorney
Eastern District of New York (2001-02)


Harvard Tolman/Cassell Letter, Dated 04/19/2010

Former US Attorney Brett Tolman, Esq., along with law professor and former federal judge the Hon. Paul G. Cassell penned a letter making the case against the proposed sentence.

Brett Tolman, Esq.
Former United States Attorney District of Utah
Ray, Quinney & Nebeker P.C

Hon. Paul G. Cassell
Ronald N. Boyce Presidential Professor of Criminal Law S.J. Quiney College of Law
University of Utah

Dershowitz Letter, Dated 04/20/2010

Distinguished lawyer, Harvard law professor, and civil rights defender Alan Dershowitz sent the judge a letter citing his work with lawmakers in the formulation and drafting of the sentencing statute and urging the judge to¬† reject the prosecutor’s misuse of the guidelines to secure an excessive sentence.

New York Legal Assistance Group, Dated 04/25/2010

Yisroel Schulman, Esq., President and Attorney-in-Charge of the New York Legal Assistance Group sent the judge a letter calling the government’s request an “unparalleled usurpation of the jury in a criminal case and […] thoroughly at odds with all notions of justice we hold dear.” He called on the judge to reject the unwarranted request and to issue a sentence that is not overly harsh or punitive.

649 Lawyers Letter, Dated 04/27/2010

The Tolman/Cassell letter was endorsed by 649 attorneys from across the nation in a separate letter urging the judge to consider the issues they raised.


Aaron Cohen, Esq. The Cohen Law Office, New York, NY
Aaron D. Lefton Law Offices of Jerome L.T. Lefton, LLC- St. Louis, MO
Aaron Heuberger Barrister and Solicitor Alberta Canada
Aaron Moebus B&H Photo, In-House Counsel, New York City
Aaron S. Ambalu Law Offices of Aaron S. Ambalu, New York, NY
Abe Berman B&H Photo & Electronics Corp.
Abraham D. Raab Esq. Law office of Abraham D. Raab, Brooklyn NY
Abraham J. Stern Much Shelist, Chicago, Illinois
Abraham Schneebalg Brooklyn, NY
Abraham Schwartz General Counsel, City of Baltimore Fire & Police Employees
Abraham Silverstein Law Offices of Abraham Silverstein
Abraham Sokol Sokol ET AL
Adam August Holland & Knight, McLean, Virginia
Adam J. Fishbein Adam J. Fishbein, P.C. Cedarhurst, NY
Adam Portnow Law Office of Adam B. Portnow, P.L., Sarasota, FL
Adam Taxin Law Office of Adam Taxin – Philadelphia, PA
Adina T. Stern, Esq. Adina T. Stern, A Professional Law Corporation
Akiva Goldfarb Dewey & LeBoeuf
Alan Block Hennigan, Bennett & Dorman LLP, Los Angeles, CA
Alan Cabelly Cabelly & Calderon, Esq, Jamaica, NY
Alan Levin Levin Corporation, Chicago, IL
Alan Schwartz McDermott Will & Emery, New York
Alan Weiss, Esq. Gutman Weiss, P.C., Brooklyn, NY 11204
Alan Wenig Wenig & Wenig, New York, N.Y. 10038
Albert James Galatan Law Office of David Tetlak, Huntington, NY
Alexander Gofer Law Office of Alexander Gofer
Alexander Stotland Maddin Hauser Wartell Roth & Heller, PC
Alexander Weinberg Miami, Florida
Alison Munin, Esquire Pittsburgh, PA
Allen B. Bickart Law Office of Allen B. Bickart, Precott, Arizona
Allen Koss Koss & Schonfeld, llp, New York, NY
Allen L. Rothenberg, Esq. Law Firm of Allen L. Rothenberg, Philadelphia, PA
Allison Stone Miami Beach, FL
Alter S. Fogel, Esq. Law Offices of Alter S. Fogel, PC, White Plains, New York
Alvin Norman Knopf Alvin Norman Knopf, Ltd.
Andrew Goldsmith, esq Andrew Goldsmith, esq
Andrew Gross Law Offices of Andrew Gross, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Andrew klempner Coral Springs, FL
andrew s penson Andrew Penson, NY
Anna Lenchus Law Offices of Anna Lenchus, Esq.
Ari Friedman Friedman Law Offices
Ari J. Sonneberg The Wagner Law Group, P.C., Boston MA
Arik Shafir Law Offices of Gene J. Goldsman, Santa Ana, CA
Arnie Herz Arnie Herz, Attorney at Law
Arthur Amdur Amdur Law Office, Houston, Texas
Arthur Gellman Benchmark Group
Arthur Gutman Gutman Weiss P.C.
Arthur J. Morburger Miami, FL
Aryeh Goldshmid Aryeh Goldshmid
Asaf Dror, Esq. Asaf Dror, P.C.
Asi Cymbal Cymbal Development, Miami, FL
Atty. Marcia Theresa Kovner Shirley, MA
Atty. Sol Lieberman
Audi Gozlan Audi Gozlan & Assoc
Avery Stok Avery Stok Esq, 3468 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Avi Kamionski Andrew M. Hale & Associates
Avi R Schachter Law Offices of Yoram Nachimvosky, New York, NY
Avi Rosengarten Avi Rosengarten
Avrohom Gelber Clifford Chance US LLP
B. Bernstein London, England
Barbara Apelbaum Israel
Barbara E. Bowersock, Esq. Van Nuys, California
Barbara Nobel Retired
Barrry Snyder Snyder & Gonzalez, Miami, FL, Past President of North Dade Bar Assoc.
Barry Bolgla Barry H Bolgla, Attorney at Law
Barry Gruenfeld, Esquire Plantation, FL
Barry Krischer State Attorney – Retired, Palm Beach County, Florida
Barry M. Wax Barry M. Wax, P.A., Miami, Florida
Barry Plotkin law office Barry Plotkin San Diego, CA
Baruch Cohen Law Office OF Baruch C. Cohen, APLC
Baruch Z. Halberstam, Esq. Rudnik Capital, LLC
Beatrice A. Cameron King Law Offices, LLC, Madison, WI
Ben Bernstein Formerly of Debevoise and Plimpton
Benjamin Fish, Esq. Brooklyn, NY
Benjamin Goodman FSA, MAAA
Benjamin Taylor Parker Milliken, Los Angeles, CA
Benny Dekel Rehovot, Israel
Bentzion S. Turin Law Office of Bentzion S. Turin, New York, NY
Benzion Frankel Benzion Frankel PC
Bernard S. Antin Bernard S. Antin ESQ.
Bonnie McGrath Chicago, IL
Bradley C. Mohr New York State, Albany NY
Bradley Wallace Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, Calabasas, CA
Brandon Swartz Swartz Culleton PC, Newtown, PA
Brian R. Hersh Law Office Brian R. Hersh, Miami Fl
Brian H. Herschfus Wood, Kull, Herschfus, Obee & Kull P.C.
Brian Haskel Tannenbaum Helpern, NY, NY
Brian Mandel The Law Offices of Brian S. Mandel, Inc.
Bruce Coane Coane and Associates, Houston, Texas
Bruce Jacobs Barakat Jacobs & Associates
Bruce Montague Bruce Montague & Partners, Bayside, NY
Bryan Barenbaum, Esq Brooklyn, NY
Cari M. Pines Pines, Laurent & Lauer, Studio City, California
Cary M. Berman Cary Berman Esq , Chicago
Chaim Book Moskowitz Book & Walsh
Chaim Fischweicher Law Offices of Chaim Fischweicher, P.A. Miami, FL
Chaim J. Nieman Assistant General Counsel, AIG, New York, NY
Chaye Bukiet Tri State Surgical
Chayim D. Neubort, Esq. Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, New York, NY
Cheryl Goss Weiss Illinois Secretary of State, Securities Department
Clay Shafton Law Office of Clay Shafton
Clifford E. Fried Fried & Williams LLP, San Francisco, California
Craig Gardy Bruce Montague & Partners
Craig R. Dearr Dearr Perdigon, Miami, FL
D. Maimon Kirschenbaum Joseph, Herzfeld, Hester & Kirschenbaum LLP, New York, NY
Daniel B. Schwartz, Esq. Chestnut Ridge, NY
Daniel Goldberg Goldberg Law Office, PLLC, Houston, Texas
Daniel Hendrick New York, NY
Daniel Hymowitz Hymowitz Law Group, PLLC., Brooklyn, NY
Daniel K Magence, Esq. Ernst & Young LLP, New York, NY
Daniel Kaskel Sachs Sax Caplan, Boca Raton, Florida
Daniel Morman The Barthet Firm, Miami, Florida
Daniel Rubin Venice, Florida
Daniel Saketkhou, Esq. Gutman, Mintz, Baker & Sonnenfeldt, P.C., New Hyde Park, NY
Danny Berenberg, Esq. General Counsel
Darren J. Edelstein Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, NY
David A Helfand David A Helfand, PA, Miami FL
David B. Goldstein Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat, P.C., Scottsdale, Arizona
David Becker Wolters Kluwer, Riverwoods, IL
David Berg, Esq Reisman, Peirez & Reisman, L.L.P. Garden City, New York
David Brandwein Law Offices of David M. Brandwein, P.A., Fort Lauredale, FL
David Freydin Freydin Law Offices, Chicago, Illinois
David Friedman Skadden Arps et al., New York
David G. Eichen Law Office of David G. Eichen Westlake Village, CA
David Grigaltchik Grigaltchik & Rowe, P.A.
David Gurevich LO David Gurevich, Los Angeles, CA
David Gurwitz David Gurwitz esq, NY, NY
David H. Jacoby Jacoby & Brimo, P.A., Melbourne, FL
David Helfand David Helfand PA
David J. Ellen, Esq. Toby Spitz Associates, New York, NY
David J. Gorewitz David Gorewitz PA
David Jadidian David Jadidian, Esq., Queens, NY
David Knopfler Brooklyn, NY
David L. Cahn Cahn & Rifkin LLC
David Mittle Law Office of David E Mittle, Santa Fe, New Mexico
David N. Simon, Esq. Woodmere, NY
David P. Lowe Jacquart & Lowe, S.C., Milwaukee, WI
David P. Singer Law Office of David P. Singer
David Palace Palace Law Firm-NY
David Pogrund Stone, Pogrund & Korey
David R. Herzog Herzog & Schwartz PC.
David Rosenfeld Law Office of David Rosenfeld, Wilmette, Illinois
David S Abrahams The Abrahams Group NY, NY
David S. Eagle Klehr Harrison, Wilmington, DE
David S. Levine Retired New York Attorney
David S. Morganstein Law Offices of David S. Morganstein, West Palm Beach, FL
David Schwab Lawrence, NY
David Scop, esq Law Office of David Scop
David Seltzer Balliro Seltzer, LLC
David Sperling, Esq. Law Offices of David M. Sperling, Huntington Station, NY
David Stoller Stoller & Moreno, PA, Orlando, Florida
David Taney General Counsel for Duty Free Americas, Inc.
David W. Barman Hollywood, FL
David Waksman Philadelphia, PA
David Zelman, Esq. David Zelman, Esq. Brooklyn, NY
Davina Bloom San Diego, CA
Dean J. Lurie Stone Pogrund & Korey LLC
Deborah Chames, Esq. Heller and Chames, Miami, Florida
Debra Benjamin, Esq. Miami Beach, Florida
Devorah Weinschneider Law Offices of Devorah S. Weinschneider, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Diana Boruchin, ESQ Miami, FL
Diego Handel Law Offices of Diego Handel
Dina R. Loewy, Esquire Bel Air, Maryland
Donald P. Levinson Levinson & Levinson, Merrillville, IN
Donald R. Hall Fort Lauderdale, FL
Donna Gorshel Cohen Gorshel Law Offices, Brookline, MA
Douglas B. Altman Minneapolis, MN
Douglas Davis The Davis Firm, PLLC – NY, NY
Dovid Duchman Shearman and Sterling LLP
Dr. Mikhael E. Keifitz MBA, LNHA Miami, Florida
E. David Smith, Esq. Smith & Associates Edward Cohen, NY, NY
Edward D. Friedman Friedman & Simon, L.L.P., Jericho, NY
Edward H. Feldman Highland, Indiana
Edward J. Weiss Azoulay Weiss, LLP, Albertson, NY
Edward Kinberg Kinberg & Associates LLC
Edward Shulman, Esq. The Shulman Law Group, LLC, Paterson, NJ
Elan Rafael Esq. State of Maryland Office of The Public Defender
Elchanan Finestone Finestone Law, Skokie Illinois
Eli Karp Juroviesky and Ricci LLP Canada
Eli M. Kantor, Esq. Law Offices of Eli Kantor, Beverly Hills, California
Eli Noray ESQ Noray & Associates Esq
Eli Wishnivetski, Esq FINRA, New York, NY
Elisha M. Prero PreroLaw, P.C., Skokie, Illinois
Eliyahu C. Poltorak Poltorak PC, Brooklyn, New York
Elizabeth L B Greene, Esq Elizabeth L B Greene, Esq
Ellen Barron Feldman Family and Divorce Mediator
Ellen Fanning, Esquire Trevose, PA
Ellen M. Fisher Ellen M. Fisher, Esq, Highland Park, NJ
Elliot Green Law Office of Elliot Green, Brooklyn, New York
Elliot L. Shelton Elliot L. Shelton, APC, Los Angeles, CA
Elliot S. Katz Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Elliott C. Bankendorf McCracken & Frank LLP,Chicago Ill.
Emerald E. Kuepper Emerald E. Kuepper, Esq., NJ
Eran Lagstein Law Offices of Eran Lagstein
Eric J. Feig Rosen Feig & Golland
Eric Pines AFGE Local 1923 Baltimore, Maryland
Eric Ruder The Beanstalk Group, New York, NY
Eric Schutzbank Berid & Schutzbank, LLC, Lowell, Massachusetts
Esther A. Grossman, Esq. Esther A. Grossman, Esq.
Eugene Alkana, Esq Los Angeles, Calif.
Eugene Wishnic Eugene S. Wishnic, P.C.
Evan Marbin Evan R. Marbin & Associates P.A.
Fanny Ferdman Epstein Becker & Green, Newark, NJ
Farbod Solaimani Weil, Gotshal & Manges, New York, NY
Florence M. Kusnetz, JD Retired
Francesca Brotman-Orner Gould-Saltman Law Offices, LLP, Los Angeles, CA
Fred Lichtmacher Fred Lichtmacher, NY, NY
Frederic J. Ruby Law Offices of Frederic J Ruby; Bingham Farms, Michigan
Fredric L Goldfein Goldfein and Joseph, Philadelphia Pa
Frumeth Brenda Hirsh Frumeth Brenda Hirsh. Esq.
Gal Shalev, esq. Lee Nigen & Associates, Brooklyn, NY
Gary L. Goldberg, Esq. Gary L. Goldberg, Esq., Lakewood, NJ
Gary S. Glasser, Esq. Gary S. Glasser, P.A., Miami, Florida
Gary S. Greenstein, Esq. Yale Law School, Class of 1995; Rockland County, NY
Gary Schwarcz Couzens Lansky et al
George Eltman Jerusalem, Israel
Gerald Grunsfeld, Esq. Biederman, Reiff, Hoenig & Ruff, Manhattan, NY
Gerald Zuckerman Ossining, NY
Gershon Gulko, Esq. Worcester, MA
Gideon Reitblat Akerman Senterfitt, Miami, FL
Gil Winokur Law Office of Herschel Kulefsky
Gilbert E. Stein Rucka, O’boyle, Et. Al
Glenn J. Sneider, Esq. Glenn J. Sneider, LC, Attorney at Law, Okeechobee, Florida
Glenn Moses Genovese, Joblove & Battista, PA
Gloria Pomerantz, Esqure Gloria Pomerantz, P.A.,Fort Lauderdale, FL Grace Levy
Grant Phillips Phillips Law Group, PA (FLORIDA)
Harold G. Cohen Dilworth Paxson LLP, Cherry Hill, NJ
Harold H. Weisman P.A. Harold H. Weisman, Attorney at Law, Delray Beach, FL
Harold J. Winston Attorney at Law, Chicago, IL
Harold Moskowitz Law Offices of Harold L. Moskowitz
Harry Freifeld Law Office of Harry Freifeld
Harry Rifkin Cahn & Rifkin, LLC, Lutherville, MD
Harry S Taubenfeld, Esq. Zuckerbrod & Taubenfeld, Cedarhurst, NY
Harvey Slovis Harvey Slovis esq
Haya-Moushka Pinson Villeurbanne, France
Helen Rasner Rasner & Rasner, Irvine, CA
Helena Milm Chicago, IL
Henry D. Marcus Reetired Connecticut
Henry Eichler Esq. Florida
Henry K. Uman Retired
Hillary Blumenthal, Esq. Hillary Blumenthal, Esq.
Hillel M. Kurzmann, Esq. Kurzmann Law Offices, PC; New York, New York
Howard I. Wallach Foley & Mansfield, PLLP
Howard Katz Howard Katz Law Hamilton on Canada
Howard Longman Stull, Stull & Brody
Howard M. Katz Hennepin County Examiner of Titles
Howard Schulman Law Offices of Yoram Nachimvosky, New York, NY
Howard Zaretsky Zaretsky Patent Group, Phoenix, AZ
Ian Berger City of Baltimore, Maryland
Ilana Tabacinic Florida Bar
Ira H Chenkin Ira H Chenkin Law Firm Houston Texas
Ira J. Deitsch, Esq. Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP, Boston, Massachusetts
Ira S Robinson Ira Robinson and Associates, Retired Judge Court of Appeals in New Mexico
Ira S. Neiman Shefsky & Froelich, Chicago, Illinois
Ira Sussman Miami Beach, FL
Irah Donner New York, NY
Irving Breitowitz University of Maryland School of Law
Isaac Benmergui Law Office of Isaac Benmergui, P.A.
Isaac D. Hurwitz The Law Office of Isaac D. Hurwitz, Brooklyn, NY
Isaac H. Winer Law Office of Isaac H. Winer, Palo Alto, CA
Isaac M. Jaroslawicz Jaroslawicz Law Offices, Miami, FL
Isaac Tamir Tamir Law Group, NY, NY
Isabel I. Baumgarten, Esq. The Garden City Group, Inc.
Itzhak Bachar, ESQ. Itzhak Bachar P.A.
Ivan Gold Perkins Coie LLP Portland, Oregon
Jack A Hertz Mitchell& Allen Chicago, IL
Jack Hazan Sole Practitioner
Jack Perlmutter Satellite Beach, FL
Jack Schroeder Jack B. Schroeder, Esq., New York, New York
Jacob B. Handelman Chicago, Illinois
Jacob Gross William A. Slutsky, P.C.
Jacob Laufer, Esq. The Law Office of Jacob Laufer, Brooklyn, NY
Jacob Mahfoda Jacob Mahfoda
Jacob T. Fogel, Esq. Law Ofices of Jacob T. Fogel, PC, Brooklyn, NY
Jacqueline B. Blaff Law Office of Alan Direnfeld, Thornhill, Ontario Canada
James M. Smith Attorney James M. Smith, Springfield, MA
James V Tabner James V. Tabner, Concord, MA
Janice R. Brenman Janice R. Brenman
Jason Cirlin Los Angeles, California
Jason Margulies Licpon, Margulies & Alsina, P.A., Miami, Florida
Jay Bohensky, Esq. Bohensky Associates, NY & NJ
Jay M. Rosen Carlton Fields, P.A.
Jeffrey Adams Adams Law Firm, NY, NY
Jeffrey B. Kimball Jeffrey B. Kimball Attorney At Law
Jeffrey D. Colman Jenner & Block LLP, Chicago, Ill.
Jeffrey J. Druckman Druckman & Blatt, P.C., Portland, Oregon
Jeffrey Krenzel Krenzel& Harrigan, Santa Fe, NM
Jeffrey M. Motelson Moskowitz, Passman & Edelman, New York, New York
Jeffrey Nurik Pulley & Cohen, Oakland, CA
Jeffrey Ochrach Ochrach Law Group
Jeffrey S. Eisenberg Jeffrey S. Eisenberg, Attorney at Law
Jeffrey Wasserman Ciconte, Wasserman & Scerba, Wilmington, Delaware
Jefrey Weingrow Chicago, IL
Jennifer Arnstein Jenny Panama
Jennifer Lima-Smith
Jerome I. Chapman Retired, Former Partner Arnold & Porter LLP
Jerry H. Trachtman Law Offices of Jerry H. Trachtman, P.A.
Jesica Roffe Bal Harbour, Florida
Jessica M. Sokol Sokol Law Group, New York, NY
Jessica Weiss, Esq. Weiss & Moy, PC, Scottsdale, AZ
Jill Coren Burbank, CA
Joan Steinman IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
Joanie Heershfeld Miles/Davis
Joel Kessler Chicago, IL.
Joel M. Margolis Oak Park, MI
Joel M. Shere Joel M. Shere PLC West Bloomfield, Michigan, Former Acting U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of Michigan
Joel Rubinstein McDermott Will & Emery, New York, New York
John B. Russell, Jr. Durrette Bradshaw, PLC, Richmond, VA
Jon D. Becker Retired
Jon Kolbrener Jon Kolbrener Croton NY
Jonas Bergstein Estudio Bergstein, Montevideo
Jonathan Berger Private Practice, Beverly Hills, CA
Jonathan D. Louis Jonathan D. Louis, P.A. Boca Raton, FL
Jonathan D. Sands, Esq. Jonathan D. Sands, Esq., Larchmont, New York
Jonathan Daniel Edelman The Edelman Law Firm, P. C., Chicago, IL
Jonathan Feldman Meland Russin & Budwick, P.A., Miami Florida
Jonathan Kurasch Law Offices of Jonathan Kurasch, Northbrook, IL
Jonathan Lubin Lubin Legal, Chicago, IL
Jonathan M. Meyer Attorney at Law, NY,NY
Jonathon Kaplan Kaplan Lee LLP, Los Angeles, CA
Jordan Lippman Volunteer Atty w/Chicago Volunteer Legal Services
Joseph A Schubin Joseph A Schubin & Associates PLLC
Joseph Ezra Randolph, NY
Joseph I. Harrison Pollack & Rosen, P.A. located in Coral Gables, FL
Joseph Klein, Esq. Korsinsky & Klein, LLP – NYC
Joseph L. Stewart Joseph L. Stewart, Esq.
Joseph Levy Bruce Montague & Partners, Bayside, NY
Joseph M. Moskovits Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran LLP
Joseph M. Slater The Slater Firm, P.C., Melville, New York
joseph maierovits Goldman, Spring, Kichler & Sanders LLP, Toronto, Canada
Joseph Obermeister Law Offices of Steven I. Hilsenrath , Brooklyn, New York
Joseph Strimber, Esquire Joseph Strimber Attorney at Law; Baltimore, MD
Joseph Wolf Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP, Baltimore, MD
Joshua Franklin Law Offices of Stanley C. Franklin, Sherman Oaks, CA
Joshua Klugman, Esq. Klugman, Los Angeles, California
Joshua Kovacs Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD
Joshua S. Davidson, Esq. Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, PLC, Scottsdale, Arizona
Joshua Silverman, Esq. Baltimore, MD
Juan Yanez Licoreria La Florida Venezuela
Juda J. Epstein Law Office of Juda J. Epstein; Bridgeport, Connecticut
Karen Abuav Hammons & Baldino, LLP, Torrance, CA
Kathy M. Lynch Kathy M. Lynch & Associates PLLC
Kenneth Elkins Law Office of Kenneth Elkins, Chicago, Illinois
Kenneth Goldman Chicago, IL
Kenneth Grossman K. Grossman, Hackensack, NJ
Kenneth R. Shapiro Law Offices Philip J Rizzuto PC
Kerry Gotlib Kerry Gotlib, New York, NY
Kimberley J. Pryor Sherman Oaks CA
Kristina Harrigan Krenzel & Harrigan, Santa Fe, NM
Labish Bergovoy Administrative Law Judge
Lance Baker FCC, LLC Boca Raton, Fl
Larry Gelbfish Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, New York
Larry Zier Law Office of Larry A. Zier, P.C.
Lawrence Knoll Wolf, Arnold & Knoll, P.C. (New York, NY)
Lawrence M. Benjamin, Esq. Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, LLP
Lawrence M. Flait, Esquire Law Office of Lawrence M. Flait
Lawrence P. Blenden Katz & Pantirer, Union, New Jersey
Lawrence P. Krasin, Esq Edelman, Krasin & Jaye PLLC, Carle Place, NY
Lawrence Sobol Sobol Productions, NY, NY
Lawrence Stark Stone Pogrund & Korey, Chicago, IL
Lawrence Steingold Husch Blackwell Sanders, LLP Welsh and Katz
Lawrence Wesker Law Office of Lawrence L. Wesker, P.C., Gaithersburg, MA
Leah Lederberger Law Offices of Samuel Z. Brown
Leah Seliger Poltorak PC
Lee Ann Shenkman Lee Ann Shenkman, Soquel, CA
Lee M. Nigen, Esq. Lee M. Nigen & Associates, P.C., Brooklyn, New York
Leemor Valin Ministry of the Attorney General of the Government of Ontario
Leib Schaeffer T.L. Schaeffer, Esq.
Leon B. Kellner Dickstein Shapiro LLP., Washington, DC
Leonard Grayver Greenberg Fields, CA
Leonid Krimsky New York
Leslie Alan Blau Blau & Malmfeldt, Chicago, IL
Leslie Felton-Sklar Leslie Sklar, esq.
Lewis R. Druss Lewis R. Druss, P.A., Plantation, FL
Lewis S. Calderon Cabelly & Calderon, Jamaica, New York
Lilian Sredni Lilian Sredni, PA Miami, FL
Lina Rozenberg, Esq. Lina Rozenberg, P.C., Brooklyn, NY
Linda Mahiah retired California
Lisa E Lazan Lazan & Spagola-Hills PA
Lisa Kaplan Miami, FL Loren Cohen
Lorna M Spivak
Louis-Jack Pozner Louis-Jack Pozner P.C. Albany, New York
Luis Sergio Konski Waserstein, Nunez & Foodman
Major General Nolan Sklute The Judge Advocate General of the Air Force (1993-1996)
Marc B. Gertsacov Law Office of Ronald C. Markoff, Providence, RI
Marc Phillip Bodner Bodner, Flom & Co., Tel Aviv Israel
Marc Wilenzick New York, NY
Marc Z. Newman, Esq. Law Offices of Marc Z. Newman, Brooklyn, New York
Marcy C. Levington Levington & Associates
Marguerite Friedlander Administrative Law Judge, State of Washington
Maria Noriega
Marie Costa Attorney, Santa Cruz, CA
Mark A Balaban The Balaban Law Firm Middletown CT
Mark Blumstein The Blumstein Law Firm, Aventura, Florida
Mark E. Shere ShereLaw & Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Mark Glazer Glazer & Blinder, Calabasas, CA
Mark J. Kovel Mark J. Kovel, Esq. Chicago, IL
Mark Levine Stull, Stull & Brody, New York, NY
Mark S. Devenow Law Office of Mark S. Devenow, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mark Segal Segal & Lax, NY, NY
Mark Shapiro, Esq. Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf: Miami, Florida
Marsha R. Sussman Miami Beach, FL
Marshall W. Rosenthal General Counsel – Juma Technology Corporation
Martin Goldman,Esq. Criminal Defense Attorney, Former Assistant District Attorney Queens County, NY
Marvin L. Schwartz, Airmont, NY
Marvin Neiman Neiman & Mairanz
Mathew Abravanel, Esq. Matis H. Abravanel, Esq.
Matis Abravanel, Esq. Abarbanel Law Offices, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Matthew Bavaro Bavaro Legal, PA, Plantation, FL
Matthew Lee Stone Schneider & Stone
Maxim Maximov, Esq. Palant & Shapiro, New York, NY
Mayer Yehuda Silber Chief Counsel, IRS, Chicago
Mehran Kohanim Roslyn, NY
Menachem Kaplan Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison, LLP
Menachem M. Fellig Christensen Law Firm, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Menachem M. Mayberg Law Offices of Menachem M. Mayberg, Miami, Florida
Menashe Mandelbaum Mont Dor Of America
Mendy Halberstam Rosen Switkes & Entin, PL
Merrick R. Domnitz Domnitz & Skemp, Milwaukee, WI
Merrill Weber Self-employed (Chicago, Illinois)
Merritt L. Weisinger Walnut Creek Family Law Center, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA
Meyer Y. Silber The Silber Law Firm, LLC, New York, New York
Michael A. Strom Law Offices of EJ Kozel
Michael Bretholz New York, NY
Michael Budwick Meland Russin & Budwick, P.A., Miami, Florida
Michael Cholobel Michael Cholobel, P.A., Miami, FL
Michael D. ELkin Lipschultz & Assoc.
Michael D. London Michael London, APC
Michael Epstein Southwestern Law School
Michael I. Bernstein Michael I. Bernstein P.A.
Michael J Siegel Esq Law Offices of M Siegel, Loomis, CA
Michael J. Eizelman Jackier, Gould, PC, Bloomfield hills, MI
Michael K. Hauser Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth & Heller, P.C.
Michael Korsinsky, Esq. Korsinsky & Klein, LLP
Michael L Paikin Michael L Paikin, P.C., New York, NY
Michael L. Freeman Michael L. Freeman PC, Scottsdale, AZ
Michael R. Lied Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC, Peoria, Illinois
Michael Reich New York, NY and San Rafael, CA
Michael Shein Michael Shein LLC, Ft Lauderdale, FL
Michael Shidler Brass-Tax, Inc.
Michael Stein Michael Stein, Miami Beach, Florida
Michael Steinmetz Garson Segal Steinmetz LLP
Michal Roth NY, NY Micheal J. Bohnen, Esq
Michele Katz Husch Blackwell Sanders Welsh & Katz/Chicago
Michelle Mansbach-Dubin Solo- Fair Lawn, NJ
Milton Levenfeld Levenfeld Perlstein, Chicago
Miriam Deutsch New York, NY
Mitchell Garbow former Kings County Supreme Court Law Clerk
Mitchell J. Lipcon Lipcon & Lipcon, PA Miami, Florida
Mitchell Rose CIC Plus, Inc., Skokie, Illinois
Mitchell W. Egers Mitchell W. Egers Inc. Los Angeles California
Mordecai J. Spiegel, esq. Imperial Abstract Corp., Monsey, NY
Morris Handler, ESQ. NY, NY
Moshe Balsam Weiss & Lurie, NY, NY
Moshe Friedman, Esq. Skokie, IL
Moshe Goldring Mordan Ltd.
Moshe Mortner, Esq. The Mortner Law Office, PC, 130 William Street, New York, NY
Moshe Popack The Law Office of Moshe Popack PC, NY, NY
Moshe Toron The Toron law Firm, Cincinnati, Ohio
Moshe Weg Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran LLP, New York, NY
Muriel Efron M. Efron, Esq. Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Murray Kane MD Murray Kane MD, North Miami Beach, FL
Murray Richelson David A Katz CO LPA, Cleveland, OH
Naftali Minzer, Esq. ESquire Equities
Nancy L. Meyer Law Office of Nancy L. Meyer
Naomi T. Stal, Esq. Law Offices of Naomi Stal
Nathan Samuel Gitelis Law Firm Brooklyn, NY
Nathaniel Geller Nathaniel Geller ESQ Flushing NY
Navid Zareh Law Offices of Navid Zareh & Associates
Neal E. Rosenberg, Esq. Neal E. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law Mt. Laurel N.J.
Neda Melamed, Esq. Neda N Melamed, New York
Neil Hoffman Hoffman, Michels & Sternberg, LLC, Southampton, PA
Neil Weintraub Law Office of Neil Weintraub, St. Louis, MO
Nelson Roth Caracas Venezuala
Nestor Gorfinkel Nestor B. Gorfinkel Chartered
Nicholas George Rodriguez Pasadena, California
Nitza Ben-Yehuda Law Offices of Nitza Ben-Yehuda, Tarzana, CA
Noah Fried New York, NY
Norman G. Orodenker Orodenker Law Offices, Providence, R.I.
Norman M. Block Norman M. Block, P.C., Hawthorne, New York
Norman Sherman Western State University College of Law
Nosson Stoll Detroit, Michigan
Oliver Herzfeld Joseph, Herzfeld, Hester & Kirschenbaum, New York, NY
Olivia Kislak Esq Kislak & Murgo -Law Firm
Omid Niknam Law Offices of Omid Niknam, Philadelphia, PA
Orin S. Rotman Stein & Rotman
Owen Blank Tonkon Torp LLP Portland, Oregon
P. Rivka Schochet Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, PC
Pablo Waisfeld, Toronto, Canada
Paul Byck Kreiter, Byck and Associates, LLC
Paul E. Nord Paul E. Nord, Attorney at Law, Walnut Creek, CA
Paul Eric Gold Valley Village, CA
Paul M. Sod Law Offices of Paul M. Sod
Paulino J. Salazar Mendel Zilberberg & Associates, NY
Peretz Bronstein Bronstein
Peter Axelrod Axelrod, Fingerhut & Dennis
Peter B. Friedman Pres., Miami Medical Marketing, Inc.
Phillip Wilk Wilk Law Firm, PLLC Brooklyn New York
Professor R. B. Bernstein Adjunct Professor of Law, New York Law School, NY, NY
Rabbi Stephen Polter, Esq. Polter Law Group, Detroit, MI
Rachel Feltman Montiel Davis & Fonte, PA; Miami, FL
Rachel Freier Freier and Associates
Ralph Fisch Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Ralph Ribacoff Ralph Ribacoff, Esq.
Rami Boaziz Rami Boaziz, PA
Randal N. Arnold Hinshaw & Culbertson LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Raphael Berlin Tratner, Molloy & Goodstein
Reuven Falik Paul Weiss, NY, NY
Reuven Jacobs, Esq. Law Offices of Reuven Jacobs Rhona Silverman
Richard A. Moore, Esq.
Richard G. Mason Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Richard Goldwasser Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg, LLC, Chicago
Richard Holzberg Ernest Holzberg and Associates, New York, NY
RIchard J. Katz Richard J Katz LLP, New York, NY
Richard J. Rubin Law Offices of Richard J. Rubin, Chicago, Illinois
Richard Kessler Esq Law Office of Richrd Kessler
Richard Klass Richard A. Klass, Esq., Brooklyn, New York
Richard P Herman Emeritus Director Orange County Federal bar Association
Risa Dauer Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman., L.A., CA
Rivkah Rothschild, Esq. Fenton & Nelson, LLP, Los Angeles, California
Robert David Malove Robert David Malove, P.A., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Robert E. Fox Law Offices of Robert E. Fox, Brighton, MA
Robert H. Aschheim, Esq. Robert H. Aschheim PA
Robert J Sherman RJSLAW, Sherman Oaks, California
Robert M. Wigoda Wigoda & Wigoda, Ltd., Chicago, Illinois
Robert Melamed Robert Melamed, esq., Brooklyn, NY
Robert Morgan Jacksonville, FL
Robert S Persky Persky & Persky Jersey City NY
Robert S. Goldman, Esq. LaPlante Sowa Goldman, Providence, RI
Robert S. Mirin Adjunct Professor Widener University, Harrisburg, PA
Robert Simins Simins, Esq., NY
Robert W. Hirsh Robert W. Hirsh & Associates, Beverly Hills, CA
Robert Zonenshein JD, LLM; KPMG LLP, With Offices in Iowa
Robin Guttman Guttman & Guttman P.C.
Roland Hasson Hasson & Advogados
Ronald Heftman Ronald N. Heftman, P.C., Chicago, IL
Ronald D. Weiss 734 Walt Whitman Rd. Melville NY
Ronald Mangel Ronald Mangel Margate New Jersey
Ronald R. Kogos Esquire Formerly Kogos and Hofmann, Amboy, New Jersey
Ross Rothenberg Law Firm of Allen L. Rothenberg NYC
Ruth Ebner Ruth Ebner, Attorney at Law
S. Alan Stanley Wampler, Buchanan, Walker, Chabrow, Banciella and Stanley
Sally Simone Markowitz Law Office of Sally Simone Markowitz, Brooklyn, NY
Samson Freundlich, ESq. Beesecker & Freundlich, Woodmere NY
Samuel I. Leff Samuel I. Leff, North Miami Beach, Florida
Samuel Katz Lee M. Nigen & Associates, P.C., Brooklyn, New York
Sandra J. Oster Sandra J. Oster, Attorney at Law, Portland, Oregon
Sandra L. Cohen, Esq Epstein Cohen & Gilberti, Red Bank, NJ
Sanford F. Young Law Offices of Sanford F. Young, P.C.
Sanford Rosenblum Rosenblum, Ronan, Kessler & Sarachan
Sanford Warren, Esq. Member, NYS Bar
Sara Shulevitz Law Offices of Sara Shulevitz – Former Florida State Prosecutor
Saul E Feder Reynolds Edwards Stone and Feder, NY, NY
Scott A. Friedman C. Marshall Friedman, a Professional Corporation, St. Louis, MO
Scott D. Chait Bergen County, NJ
Scott Snyder Scott Snyder, Attorney at Law Portland, Oregon
Scott Tene Scott Paul Law, LLC Denver, CO
Seth Merewitz McDonough, Holland & Allen
Shabnam Azizi New York, NY
Shalom Doron Shalom Doron, Esq.; Brooklyn, NY
Shalom Engel Engel & Wisnicki, LLC NY
Shalom Rubanowitz Law Offices of Shalom Rubanowitz
Shapse Jakob, Esq. Shapse – Brooklyn, New York
Shaun Setareh Setareh Law Group, L.A., CA
Shaya Rochester Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
Sheldon J. Aberman Cary J. Wintroub & Associates, Chicago, Illinois
Sheldon Krause Krause Law
Sheldon Leibenstein Sheldon Leibenstein ESQ PC
Shimon Belen Martens Ice, Royal Oak, Michigan
Shlomo Sperka Michigan Employment Relations Commission
Shulamis Peltz Jacob Laufer, P.C., New York, New York
Simcha D. Schonfeld Koss & Schonfeld, LLP, New York, NY
Sol J. Cohen Cohen & Sales, LLC, Waltham, MA
Solomon B. Genet Meland Russin & Budwick, P.A., Miami Florida
Solomon Gresen Rheuban & Gresen, Encino, CA
Stanley M Hyman Stanley M Hyman Queens NY
Stanley N.Futterman Attorney at Law, NY, NY
Stanley P. Kaplan Stanley P. Kaplan, P.A., Miami, Florida
Stephane Levy
Stephen B Caplin Caplin Sniderman, PC, Carmel, Indiana
Stephen Greenberg Flaster & Greenberg Cherry Hill, NJ
Stephen H. Weiner Law Office of Stephen H. Weiner, New York, NY
Stephen Kraut Retired
Stephen L. Gordon Law Offices of Stephen L. Gordon, San Diego, California
Stephen M. Greenberg Flaster/Greenberg P.C., Cherry Hill, NJ
Steve Pell Law Offices of Steve Pell, Ventura, CA
Steve Taub Phoenix, AZ
Steven A. Kass, Esq Law Office of Steven A. Kass, PC, Melville, NY
Steven B. Kaufman Steven Kaufman New York, NY
Steven B. Rothschild, Esq Steven B. Rothschild, P.C.
Steven B. Rothschild, Esq. Steven B. Rothschild, P.C., Spring Valley, NY
Steven Berkowitz Steven Berkowitz Attorney At Law Brooklyn NY
Steven H. Schneider SH Schneider LTD
Steven J. Harvis, Esq. Steven J. Harvis
Steven Karen Law Office of Steven Karen
Steven R. Weiner Springfield, MA
Steven T. Halperin Halperin & Halperin, P.C.
Steven Wimpfheimer Steven Wimpfheimer, Esq., Floral Park, NY
Stewart Cutler Kachay San Diego
Stewart M. Mirmelli, Esq. The Mirmelli Law Firm, PA
Stuart H. Share The Law Firm of Stuart H. Share PA., Florida
Stuart J. Snnider Law Offices of Stuart J. Snider, Detroit, MI
Stuart Perlik Cirignani, Heller & Harmon
Sumner Kalman Sumner Kalman Attorney at Law, Plaistow, NH
Susan W. Morris, Esq. SusanW. Morris, Esq, Hawthorne, NY
Susana Farin, Esq. Susana Farin, Esq., Miami, FL
Tamara Jacobson Law Offices of Tamara Jacobson
Teri Lieberman Law Offices of Jonathan Kurasch, Northbrook, IL
Terri Hattaway
Theodore L. Hecht Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP, New York, NY
Thomas Schottenstein Admitted to the Ohio Bar 1975
Toby Golick Cardozo Law School
Tod David Yeslow Mitchell Williams, Rogers, AR
Tovia Jakubowitz, Esq. Jakubowitz & Chuang LLP, New York, NY
Tuvia Korobkin Attorney at Law, Los Angeles
Tyler Kimball Tyler S. Kimball Attorney At Law
Tzvi Y. Hagler Grundfast Law firm, NY
Uri Hugo Taenzer Taenzer, Ettenson, Stockton & Aberant, PC, Morristown, NJ
Vitaly Zurkovsky 17-14 Alden Terr, Fair Lawn, NJ
Vlad Sigalov Law Offices of Vlad Sigalov
Warren Brown Law Offices of Warren Brown, P.A.
Warren L. Forman Forman & Associates, PC, New York, New York
Wendi S. Weisman, Esquire Harold H. Weisman P.A.
William Dickerman Dickerman & Associates, Los Angeles, CA
William Henig, Esq. The Law Office of William Henig, P.C., Monsey, New York
William J Baldon III Baldon Law Office Milwaukee, WI
William L M Haworth Haworth International Legal Services
William Z Reich Serotte Reich Wilson
Yehuda Farkas CUNY School of Law, New York, NY
Yerachmial Kuzecki Kuzecki & Associates
Yerachmiel Loebel Rabbi Loebel, Pacific Palisades
Yisroel Y. Leshkowitz LAw Office of Yisroel Y, Leshkowitz, Brooklyn, NY
Yitzhak Greenberg The Law Offices of Gabriel Del Virginia
Yoel Kranz, Esq. Goodwin Procter LLP, Boston, MA
Yona T.Openden Rockwell Title, LLC, Baltimore Maryland
Yoni Tuchman Esq Yoni Tuchman Esq
Yoram Nachimovsky Law Offices of Yoram Nachimvosky, New York, NY
Yossef Valensi Yossef Valensi ESQ
Yossi Huttler
Yossi Schochet Criminal Defense Lawyer & Member Criminal Lawyers Assoc.,Toronto, CANADA
Zev Brachfeld Law Office of Zev Brachfeld, New York, NY
Zev I. Sandman Sandman Law Group, LLC, New Haven, CT
Zori Roytman Zori Roytman, Esq.
Zvi Aria Silver Law Offices of Zvi “Hershy” Silver, APC, San Diego, CA